10 Ways to Save Building a House

We can understand if you think building a house is something complex and requires a lot of money. However, there is always another way to do everything. Ask each architect, and they will say that you can design and build a house in a much more economical way. The good news, we will divulge this secret right now! If you are thinking about planning to build a house, our advice will remove all your worries. Let’s look at how you can realize your dream home and still save money.

1. Determine the facade style of your house

This is the first thing you have to do. You need to determine the desired style of home, because this is what will determine the various elements such as material, size, and finishing touches used. If you fail to make a plan, it means you plan to fail, that’s the way the wise say. So, make a concrete design and don’t be tempted to change your mind when the development process has begun.

2. Make accurate measurements

Of course accurate measurements are important, especially for certain elements. Windows and doors must be airtight and neat, not to hollow. Ask for expert help in installing doors and windows to do it.

3. Divide the area according to the height of the land

Do not build anything on the land unless the land has been divided into several parts with the help of stairs, access roads or embankments. This applies especially to land with an up and down or uneven surface. If you are desperate to build a house on a sloping land without footpaths or stairs, the work will be more difficult and take longer and cost more.

4. Choose floor material that is durable

After the structure of the new house has been established, this is the time for you to think about the interior and start tightening the belt. Think of a vital element to start organizing the interior and focus on it. For example, flooring or floor installation. You want a floor that is durable, cheap, but beautiful. Sounds too idealistic? Who knows that such floor material really exists. Try doing surveys in building shops.

5. Decide the interior wall finishing

Interior walls will always need attention. But the finishing touches of the interior walls can have a big impact on the budget and duration of development. The smoothed concrete wall is a popular finishing wall and produces a semi-finished look similar to industrial style. Wall plaster is also a way to save costs.

6. Bathtub or shower?

You might not expect that the bathroom is an area in the house that can absorb the development budget. Luxurious bathroom furniture, waterproof coating, automatic taps, high-tech toilets … none of this is cheap. Decide which one you will use, bathtub or shower? Choosing one and not both will save you budget.

7. Take advantage of the narrow space

Even though you have planned to build a house with a high level of … Read More

Cost of Home Renovation and How to Plan it

The cost of renovating a house is one of the important points that need to know how to plan it. This article provides tips on how to plan home renovation costs that are useful for you.

Estimating the cost of renovating a house is indeed not easy. But that doesn’t mean you can’t count it yourself. When renovating a house, costs are a sensitive thing. The reason is that everything seems to be related to costs, starting from the design, the quality of the materials, the processing time, to the wages of the artisans. Not to mention the budget that swelled uncontrollably during implementation. This does not mean you have to give up accepting such “renovation habits.”
Calculating the cost of renovation is one way for the budget not to swell. Why is that? Because when planning, you usually don’t have an idea of ​​how much material is used. Material that is thought to only need a little, does not need to repeatedly add, and vice versa. By calculating the cost of renovation yourself — which definitely calculates material requirements and requirements — at least you have an idea of ​​how much you spend. Thankfully, with your precision, the cost of renovating a house that you don’t need to save.

Tips for Planning a Home Renovation Fee

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Before planning the cost of renovating a house, you will definitely often look at models of roofs, walls, fences, or anything that you will later renovate. Enriching yourself with a variety of residential designs is very helpful during the planning process. When you have to meet a contractor or builder who will build, you can clearly describe what you want. You can trust this design matter entirely to the contractor, if he provides such services. Of course this design affects the cost of renovating the house later. The more complicated the more expensive it is. Now, by enriching yourself with knowledge, you can work on which design is the most effective but affordable.

New building materials are increasing in number. They were also present with their own superiority. For example, there is a kind of artificial brick as thin as a notebook with a shape similar to natural stone, there is a gypsum replacement material that is no less beautiful but that is waterproof, and a very strong fiber roof lining. This kind of insight is also necessary, who knows if it is calculated, it turns out the use of materials from the innovation is more efficient? You could say these materials affect the size of the cost of renovating a house.

Do not be tempted

The name is renovation, which in fact aims to improve the house, the work is definitely not as much as the total construction work from the beginning. Therefore to start a renovation project, according to Yohanes, a contractor, “Know your building first.” The point here is to pay attention to what is still lacking in your home, what needs to be added, or anywhere that … Read More